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3 Biggest Concerns

If given a chance, whether becoming a one-year player, a lifetime player or just a fan, the experience of playing football is like no other.

I encourage you to read the “Three most common concerns” listed below as well as the contents of this web site. There are many reasons why kids do not play, many of which are very valid. However many are not, please make your decisions based on accurate info.

Feel free to contact any Green Hornets football coach listed in our directory or contact the commissioner with questions or concerns. See you on the field!

1. Waiting to play football until older

This is probably the biggest misunderstanding I hear.

Tackle football is unique to most other sports as there are very few opportunities to play recreationally as a teenager and even fewer as an adult. In addition, High Schools typically are turning away a large number of applicants trying out.

However, football at the younger age groups is at its most controlled and regulated environment. It is more accommodating than it ever will be. At the youth level, age, weight, minimum play standards as well as adjusted rules cater to inexperienced, younger players.

Each year after the age of 8 the game becomes more physical, faster paced and less regulated. Add in the wide range of physical and mental maturity and there is less chance of success and enjoyment as each year passes. Unless the child is so physically gifted he can wait, do not wait until high school or even middle school.

Please do not delay, they cannot experience this later.

2. Injuries

Please see number #1 for additional reference. Also, please see reports from both the Mayo Clinic and USA Football. Common perception and media presentation of the higher age groups, college and pro, are not a true representation of injuries faced at the youth level. Please take the time to read for yourself.

It is a contact sport, injuries do happen, however as these reports show, the fear of injury at the youth level is often greater than the actual occurrence.

Download the Mayo Clinic Report and USA Football Report.

3. Season Commitment

There is no denying this, football is almost a lifestyle and again unique from many other sports. Once again, perception and reality do vary quite a bit. We do realize to entice more players to play, and particularly at the younger ages, changes do need to be made. Due in part to the small number of leagues available to play in, often there is no alternative and we are forced to go along with the pack.

The biggest deterrent seems to be the season start date. It is ridiculous; I think every Green Hornets coach would agree. It is the only county sport that begins during summer vacation so right away throws up a red flag!

Preparation for football is not just a tradition, it is a necessity. Therefore, there is only so much we can deviate from other orgs and the league. Unfortunately, since we have to compete or keep up with the "Jones", we cannot fall too far behind.

However, we have made changes to make this as enjoyable and accommodating as possible. Please also review the season important dates link for more details.

  • We as an organization opt each year to start one week later than the county allows. This year that is July 27th.
  • During our August crunch, we will have a mandatory day off the second Friday of practice. This is the last weekend prior to the season starting with no football activities scheduled to go away on an extended weekend.
  • Coaches will not finalize team rosters until the second week to allow for players that may miss a day or two, to at least have multiple days to be evaluated.
  • The county and league actually shortened the season by taking out built in bye weeks and an additional round of playoffs. The season will end November 15th with championship games. The regular season is done the week before Halloween. In years prior, we were going late into November.
Football is fairly regimented and once schedules are set, it is easy to schedule around. The parents and players become extended families. Most feel the team unity and support is greater in our sport than others. Probably because of the commitment, we all share.

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