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Prior to any equipment being handed out, players must provide the following:

Completed Anne Arundel County Youth Player Contract. This form can be found on the following link,

Also prior to any equipment hand out, New to Green Hornets Football or First year players must provide a copy of birth certificate. We do not require copies for Green Hornet Football players returning from last season as typically we keep these copies on file for the duration of the players’ time in the Green Hornets’ Football system.

Transfer Players - For players seeking a transfer into a new program, Anne Arundel County now requires that a Youth Player Release form be completed before acceptance. Additionally the Green Hornets will not hand out equipment until necessary steps and forms are completed. Please visit county web-site.

At equipment handout, a $250 check postdated for December 31, 2017
will be collected for each player.

Check will be returned un-cashed if equipment returned by Dec 31st 2017.
Check made payable to GSPAA Football

Equipment Handouts

Typically are done in mid-July. You will be notified by email for the dates of equipment handout.

Green Hornets provides each player the following:

  • a helmet,
  • basic chinstrap,
  • basic mouthpiece
  • shoulder pads,
  • Game pants, (To be worn at games only NOT Practice)
  • 2 Game jerseys (To be worn at games only NOT Practice)
Total replacement value of $325. All equipment except mouthpiece must be turned in by December 31st to avoid losing equipment deposit.

Each player is required to provide the following equipment:

  • football cleats
  • cup and supporter
  • practice jersey
  • practice pants (integrated or with 7-pc pad set)
Equipment can be purchased at most sporting goods stores (We partner with Dick's Sporting Goods at the beginning of each season to help defer some of the costs via a Green Hornets’ Football night at the Crofton Dick’s Sporting Goods store – Date and Time TBD).
or. . .
A limited supply of PLAYER PROVIDED Equipment will also be on sale at equipment handouts.

Equipment Handout Location:

All football equipment is stored in the equipment storage facility located in Kinder Park. The facility is the Green Barn on the far side of the soccer fields by the new parking lots.

Equipment Turn in

Equipment turn in dates will announced immediately following the last regular season games. It is the parents and players responsibility to return all items in satisfactory conditions and on time. Failure to do so will result in losing your equipment security deposit and your Green Hornets account to be flagged. You will not be able to register for future sports until the equipment is returned or replaced and paid for completely.

Any Green Hornet registered player attending a football camp requiring equipment may borrow a helmet and shoulder pads from the Green Hornets Football Program (based on availability).

Use of own Helmets and Shoulder Pads

The Hornets understand that technology evolves at a rapid pace. While our protective equipment is more than adequate and meets all NOSCAE requirements, we realize that parents sometimes prefer to purchase advanced equipment for their child.

All Helmets used during season are NOSCAE approved and reconditioned yearly. Shoulder pads are inspected each year and reconditioned or replaced as necessary.

Guidelines for using own equipment

  • Provided the Helmets meet NOSCAE standards and are new or recertified for the current season, parents may provide their own helmets for their children.
  • Helmet and facemask color MUST match the organizations helmet and facemask colors.
  • Shoulder Pads must meet NOSCAE guidelines. Parents and players assume all liability for purchase, sizing, maintenance, repair and reconditioning when using their own equipment.

    If you intend to use your own helmet or shoulder pads, please inform the Hornets representative at equipment hand out or your coach if changes are made during season.

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