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Welcome to the Greater Severna Park Athletic Association Green Hornets Girls Basketball program website. This is a girls program—we do not have any coed teams. We are pleased to announce that we are starting a clinic program this year for girls in kindergarten who want to learn the basics of basketball. We have also started open court times for girls who want to play some basketball in the off season.

Our program is run by an all-volunteer force, so we greatly appreciate their involvement and your support in making the program a success. We try our best to continually improve the program. Most of the good ideas come from our young athletes and their parents, so please feel free to email your thoughts and ideas to the Girls Basketball Commissioner (Adam DeMella at

Registration is now open for Girls Basketball for the upcoming 2017-2018 Season. To register to play at any age level, please click on the “How To Register” link on the left hand side of this page. This will take you to the registration forms webpage, where you should click “Player Online Registration Form.” Follow the prompts and input your daughter’s information.

Tryouts and Evaluations will start as soon as the registration period ends in mid-October. The schedule for Tryouts (for Select Teams) and Evaluations (for 3rd-12th grade Club Teams) will be posted to this website as soon as it is available. Tryouts and Evaluations are mandatory.

NEW THIS YEAR: We have been hosting open court times for the girls who would like to play a little extra basketball in the off season. These are supervised sessions, but we don’t run drills—we just play basketball. We will be continuing this program through the start of the season on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 pm at Severna Park Middle School. If you are interested, please register at this link 2017 GSPAA Camp Registration Form. Cost is $25.

Girls in the program.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The Girls Basketball program runs during the winter season. We will continue to field our competitive select county teams that will play in the Anne Arundel County Saturday league. Some teams will also play in the competitive Arbutus league on Sundays. Our club league teams will play other Green Hornet teams in their respective age groups throughout the winter at schools located in Severna Park.

No specialized equipment or training is needed to participate (play or coach) in the Green Hornet Girls' Basketball program; just a pair of basketball shoes, practice attire and the desire to learn and have FUN.

Girls' SELECT County Basketball: Our SELECT basketball program is intended for girls who want to play at a more competitive level, with players their same age, against other teams in the county. I highly encourage parents and players to consider trying out for a SELECT team. There are some misconceptions about the SELECT program worth clarifying:

  1. It is not a “travel” team; games are played in the county.
  2. The additional time commitment is small—only about an hour per week (practices are usually 30 minutes longer) compared to our Club program.
  3. You do not to be great basketball player to play SELECT, but playing on a SELECT team means you will be playing with other girls who want to play more competitively . The county teams play at three different levels, so coaches can match their team’s skill level and play other teams of similar skill.
Selection to the SELECT teams is by try-out only. There may be more than one team in each age group, dependent upon how many girls try out. If you register your child for winter select basketball, but she does not make the team, your daughter can be placed on a CLUB team. You also have the option to have your account credited or your money refunded.

SELECT teams are set by age. Since they play in the county league, the county sets these restrictions. This program determines age based on the age of the player as of September 1st.

Girls Club Basketball: The Girls CLUB Basketball program exists to provide local community girls in grades 1-12 an opportunity to develop an appreciation of sportsmanship in a team environment while developing basic basketball skills in a less competitive environment.

We will maintain the changes we made last year for the CLUB program regarding age divisions. Our Junior League will have four age divisions: 1st-2nd grade teams, 3rd-4th grade teams, 5th-6th grade teams, and 7th-8th grade teams. As we have done in the past, our Senior League will be open to anyone in 9th through 12th grade.

Practices will generally be during the week (some teams will request weekend practice times) and games will generally be on the weekends. 1st and 2nd graders will practice once per week for 45 minutes, and 3rd through 8th graders will practice twice a week (one hour each). Senior league players will only play games. Games last about an hour.

In the CLUB leagues, we put a lot of emphasis on girls having the opportunity to play with their friends if they make a request. We work hard to balance special requests and skill/size across the teams. This is always a challenge, and not everyone will get exactly what they want—but we will do the best we can for as many of the girls as we can. We should never have a CLUB game with a score of 28-0 at halftime. In the past few years, we have been able to accommodate over 90% of the special requests, but there are no guarantees. Any special requests must be included on your registration form.

As in the past, there will be some modified rules for the younger age divisions. We will review the rules from last year, evaluate any suggested changes, and post them to this website before the season begins. For reference, links above will bring you to the rules we used last year for the 3rd-4th grade teams and the 5th-6th grade teams.

Girls Club Basketball—NEW THIS YEAR: The Girls Kindergarten Clinic will be held on Saturday mornings. We will arrange the girls in 6 player teams. They will spend some time each week working on a particular skill (dribble, pass, rebound, etc) and then play 3 on 3 half court scrimmages against another team.

COST: Kindergarten Clinic $80.00 / Club basketball $110.00 / Select (County) basketball $165.00.

SEASON: The season for Girls basketball runs from November to early March.

Adam DeMella

Last updated 2/9/2018

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