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Green Hornets Volunteer Coaching Policy

Green Hornets is a non-profit organization established in 1949 whose operating principles rely on the volunteer coach. The growth of the organization and the testing of the boundaries of what defines a volunteer coach require that Green Hornets define what it expects of its coaches.

Simply stated, Green Hornets coaches serve voluntarily. Since 1949 thousands of Green Hornetís coaches have generously donated their time for the betterment of Severna Park area youth. This is a keystone principle of the Green Hornets organization which must be preserved. Therefore, a coach or assistant coach of a Green Hornets registered team may not accept payment for coaching services from the parents, guardians or players for any and all athletic activities associated with the player and team during the playing season. Any gift given to the coach by the team at the conclusion of the season will not be excessive or extraordinary.

If during the off-season a coach or assistant coach has an indoor team, camp or other training that charges a training fee, such offerings are to be open to an age group not just a specific team. Participation is voluntary on the Green Hornets playerís part. Non-participation by a player will not be prejudicial to that player in any way. Please refer to the Green Hornets Camp Policy for further guidance on the offerings of camps.

Violations of the Green Hornets Volunteer Coaching Policy will lead to suspension or barring from coaching.

Volunteer coaching is a fundamental reason for the Green Hornets growth and success. Green Hornets greatly values the need to continue, uphold and enforce this policy.

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